Estate and Probate attorneys work with Estate law, the body of law that involves the planning and care of a person’s physical and personal property both during and after their lifetime. 

To understand the difference between Estate and Probate attorneys, think of them in terms of before and after. Estate attorneys help their clients determine a plan for the division and distribution of their assets after their death. A Probate attorney assists the deceased individuals’ chosen Estate Administrator and family in overseeing the Administration of assets.  

What Does an Estate Attorney Do?

Estate attorneys help individuals get their affairs in order by planning what will happen with their Estate once they pass away. If you want to be certain of where all your assets will be dispersed after your death, it’s essential to work with an Estate attorney to ensure it is legally taken care of to your exact desires. 

One of the most important jobs an Estate attorney will assist you with is drafting your Will and setting up a Trust. A Will is a legal document that carefully and thoroughly lists all your wishes for the distribution and beneficiaries of our assets, the care of your children, and more after your death. Trusts provide a place for these assets to be legally protected until the time comes for them to be dispersed. 

Estate attorneys can also help advise you on how to avoid or lessen Estate and inheritance taxes, determine a Power of Attorney in the event you become incapacitated, and answer all your questions pertaining to Estate law.  

What Does a Probate Lawyer Do? 

Probate attorneys help Estate Administrators and the family of an individual who has died with the Administration of their assets. Before the Estate can be distributed and the directions of the Will can be followed, you will need to go to Probate court.  

Probate court is the validating of a Will in front of a judge, so the requests and wishes stated on the document can then be followed. The process should be straightforward if the deceased individual worked with an Estate attorney to finalize and validate a Will. In the event that there is no Will or the validity of it is being contested, a Probate attorney will guide you through the next steps to ensure that the Estate is properly Administered.   

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