What is a Will?

A Will, also referred to as a Last Will & Testament, is a legal document that details the Testator’s (the Will’s creator) wishes as to who should inherit Estate assets when they pass away. As well, if you have children, a Will can dictate who you wish to take care of them in the event both their parents die. Once the Testator passes away, the Will is read, and the designated Executor will distribute the listed assets to the inheritance as was written in the Will.

Do I need a Will?

A Will is an important legal document that every adult should consider establishing to protect their assets in preparation for their passing. Some believe they are too young or they have not accumulated enough worthy assets to create a Will, but everyone should consider getting a Will a top priority when planning for your future. 

It is especially recommended for individuals who are married, have children, or have a wide portfolio of assets to not wait to speak with a Will attorney to draft and authenticate a proper Will and for Estate Planning guidance. 

How Can I Create a Will in New York?

To create a Will in New York, there are various requirements and guidelines that need to be followed, which is why it’s best to work with a trusted NY Will attorney to ensure your Estate and family are protected. If your Will does not meet certain criteria and is not properly notarized, it will not be legally binding. For peace of mind and trusted guidance when crafting your Will and planning for the future, it’s best to consult with an Estate Planning attorney.    

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